7 Design Ideas We’re Stealing from Drew Barrymore’s Newly Renovated Kitchen

published Sep 17, 2023
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Publicity photo of Drew Barrymore seated in a green room
Credit: Jennifer Livingston for DREW

Actress, producer, author, and TV personality Drew Barrymore (clearly) loves new projects — and this month, her lifestyle magazine, DREW, revealed in its fall 2023 design issue her latest one: a kitchen renovation. In a viral Instagram video last year, she hinted that she was gearing up for a remodel, laughing with a hammer and joking to the camera that she was “having the time of her life” as she aggressively tore through nearly everything in her kitchen. Fast-forward a little over a year later, and she’s revealing her renovation.

Departing from her previously bold and bright kitchen, she took to the streets of NYC and traveled to Italy to help find inspiration — from there, she opted for an earth-tone palette, a rough-textured background kitchen backsplash that extends to her ceilings, pops of color, a wallpaper she uncovered during the demolition, and more. Drew’s renovation is the ultimate blueprint for creating a timeless kitchen, and if you’re looking to follow her lead it’s easier than you might think. In fact, here are seven kitchen design ideas that are easy to recreate and won’t break the bank. (But before we get into it, make sure to swipe through this Instagram carousel:

1. Choose a theme (and stick to it).

Ditching her checkered black and white kitchen backsplash and bold pink appliances, Drew created a cozy, unpretentious kitchen aesthetic for her redesigned space. Her “take on the anti-white, modern kitchen” included an earthy color palette that offered a rustic, unpolished feel with exposed pipes (more on the lighting later) with rough-textured walls. 

Achieve a comparable aesthetic by investing in distressed removable wallpaper. This specific pick features a bumpy texture that aligns with Drew’s vision. Plus, it has a peel-and-stick application process that doesn’t require an entire kitchen renovation. 

2. Find inspiration from your travels. 

Drew didn’t just find inspo in Italy; she literally brought said inspiration back home with her. She kept her windows shaded with the help of lace curtains that she picked up at a “tiny store run by a nonna in Puglia.” She also picked up three small colorful fish paintings from a tile shop in Positano, Italy, representing herself and two daughters, Frankie and Olive. (They call themselves the “three sardines.”)

You don’t have to go all the way to Italy for the look, though — channel Drew’s vision with these old-lace kitchen curtains. They’re made from lofted yarn, and the sides and bottoms feature subtle scallops for added texture. 

3. Add a touch of tasteful wallpaper.

It’s no secret that Drew loves wallpaper, and she broke up the textured walls by infusing a few pops along the way. Specifically, she left a small section of blue-and-yellow wallpaper that Drew uncovered during her demolition process. “I had to leave it,” she said in the DREW feature. “It was a moment in someone else’s life many years ago. I had to honor it. It is also so darn cheerful.”

While Drew’s wallpaper might be one-of-a-kind, her own home collection offers a great solution. Inspired by the natural world, this pink and peach gingko design remains bright and cheery, but will also beautifully break up (and blend) the earthy palette. 

4. Blend old and new styles.

“I exposed every darn pipe and got an extra [two] feet of ceiling by doing so,” Drew explains in the feature. To help fill the newfound space, she opted for a mix of industrial and old-fashioned light fixtures. 

Illuminate your space with this single globe pendant reminiscent of Drew’s. Perfect for multi-level grouping, this spherical design offers an adjustable height wire and stern mount suitable for low and high ceilings. 

5. Get smart with your space.

The multi-hyphenate entrepreneur was clear: She wanted “cohesion and simplicity,” and she achieved this with deVOL brass hanging rails. Once installed, they could host pots and pans above her stove for easy access. 

Available in sizes from 3 to 9 feet, each brass rod is made-to-order and varies in appearance. Nevertheless, they all feature the same joints strengthened by internal connectors and concealed by the brackets. 

6. Install additional shelving.

Drew took a strategic approach and turned her attention to shelves. To save space, she opted for floating shelves and installed them directly into her walls. This cost-effective solution also allowed her glassware and servingware to work double-duty as decor.  

For a clean, minimalist design, invest in open shelving. This traditional two-piece wall shelf set is perfect for assembling a well-styled space that’s versatile. Better than that, the pack of two goes for just $20. 

7. Don’t forget about your dining area.

While you might not be able to fit it directly in your kitchen, there are plenty of solutions to make the space feel more cohesive. Take this lustrous gold accent table, for example. The whimsical design will stand out in any kitchen and can easily be paired with a chair or two. 

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