Drew Barrymore’s Cookbook Closet Is the Absolute Dreamiest

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Diptych of Drew Barrymore and cookbooks
Credit: From Left to Right: Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Joe Lingeman

“Inside every good cookbook is a recipe that will change your life,” tweeted The Drew Barrymore Show yesterday. But while the tweet was soliciting opinions about what cookbook the celebrity’s new digital cookbook club should do next, what everyone actually wanted to talk about was the attached photo — and that it seems to have been taken inside an entire room devoted solely to displaying cookbooks.

Barrymore’s cookbook room is the size of a large pantry or walk-in closet. Inside, she displays floor-to-ceiling shelves of cookbooks that are all facing outward. They run along both the side walls and there’s even a shelf in the space above the door. While it’s not the most efficient use of space — particularly since they are gently spaced for an easy aesthetic — it makes for absolutely drool-worthy browsing. As a fellow cookbook collector, I have a cookbook closet too – but rather than easy browsing, it holds anything that doesn’t fit on the two main shelves, jumbled onto shelves that also store extra pillows and sometimes food when I over-buy at Costco.

While the shelf to Drew’s left seems devoted to recently disgraced ladies of food (Alison Roman’s Nothing Fancy and the Sqirl book, Everything I Want to Eat), other shelves hold books by Missy Robbins (two copies, it seems), Ina Garten, Chrissy Teigen, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Julia Turshen. Another wall holds a wider variety, with Tacos, LA Son, Senegal, and classics from Julia Child and Marcella Hazan. On the IGTV launch of her cookbook club, it seems the display-style shelves continue into her kitchen, where they wrap around her counter and sinks – including a second copy of Chrissy’s book.

Interestingly, these displays are the exact opposite of some of the other bookshelves in her house, which she had previously shown, where every book seems to have been covered in paper so as to be indistinguishable from each other for… aesthetic effect, I suppose?