This Ridiculously Chic Dual Air Fryer (Almost!) Completely Replaced My Oven — and Cuts My Cooking Time in Half

published Jun 24, 2022
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Drew Barrymore Beautiful dual air fryer
Credit: Walmart

I’ll cut to the chase: I’ll take every shortcut I can while cooking. I live alone, so it’s hard to justify spending an hour cooking just to eat it by myself. The catch? I still want to feel like I’m eating delicious meals. Sure, Frozen Trader Joe’s meals come in handy most of the time when I’m in a pinch and don’t feel like heating up the stove, but they can get old after awhile. A few months ago, though, I discovered an innovative kitchen appliance that completely simplified how I cook. It’s such a game changer, that I haven’t used an oven since it made its debut on my counter top (yes, it’s pretty too)!

Let me introduce you to the Beautiful TriZone AirFryer by Drew Barrymore, which is exclusively available at Walmart and features dual baskets (!!), so you can cook two things at once. Seriously, where has this ingenious find been all my life? You can even control the settings of each side separately, so whatever you’re whipping up is cooked to perfection. I often use one side for meat and the other for veggies or a side dish. Hello, 30-minute (or less) meal! I’ve used other popular air fryers before, but I didn’t love that it’d take almost an hour just to cook chicken breasts and broccoli, because there wasn’t enough room in the basket for both at the same time. In short, this sleek and powerful air fryer answered all my cooking wishes, and then some.

On top of its incredibly stylish design, this sleek dual air fryer has a lot of fancy features to brag about. Whether you want to air fry, roast, reheat, bake, or broil, it does it all with the touch of a button (the touch-activated buttons disappear when not in use, which is another reason I can’t stop talking about this thing).

I’d be remiss to not highlight the stunning colors it comes in. I chose the White Icing color, but you can also shop it in muted pastels and a classic Black Sesame shade. Whichever option you pick, they’re all adorned in durable gold handles that take the design to the next level.

Credit: Tamara Kraus

Now, let’s get to the high-performance features. The 1700-watt device has a 9-quart capacity, so it can pack in more than you’d think just looking at it. When you remove the center divider, it’ll even hold a 10 pound turkey — really! With a temperature range from 90 degrees to 450 degrees, you can truly cook anything in this small appliance. While I haven’t tested cooking a turkey, I’ve made everything from pork chops (which came out so juicy) and chicken breasts to cookies, and even — focaccia. In short, the foolproof auto settings basically make me feel like a pro chef.

Best of all, the cleanup is seamless, too. The removable, non-stick air crisper trays are dishwasher-safe, so you can forget about hand scrubbing them. For the compartments themselves, I simply use a damp, soapy paper towel or cloth to make the insides look good as new.

I will say, it’s a pretty big appliance, especially in my tiny NYC kitchen. Because I use it practically every day and it’s nice to look at, I’m okay with it taking up counter top real estate.

Here are the Kitchn, we’ve raved about quite a few of Barrymore’s chic, yet powerful kitchen gadgets at Walmart for awhile now. From the stand mixer that gives those splurgy brands a run for their money to an easy-to-use blender, this line can basically do no wrong. And this do-it-all appliance is one gadget you shouldn’t be sleeping on if you’re not exactly a pro cook and you don’t have hours to whip up a tasty meal. On top of all of the air fryer’s impressive looks and features, you can’t beat the under-$150 price point for something that you’ll use every day. Consider this a little life hack in the kitchen, from me to you!