Dress Up Your Dinner Party: 5 Free Printable Menu Templates

(Image credit: Brittany Watson Jepsen/Etsy)

You know what automatically makes a sit-down dinner a little more fancy and fun? A printed menu of all the food to come! But you don’t have to be a graphic design whiz to have a personalized menu at your next dinner party — we found five pretty, customizable templates you can download for free.

As a guest, I find that having a printed menu gets me more excited for the meal to come. And as a host, it’s nice to have a small memento of the party I can keep.

Wedding blogs are a great source for downloadable menus that are a little more interesting than the usual Microsoft Word template. Edit them in a program like Photoshop or print them out and write in your menu by hand; either way, they are a simple way to make a dinner party a little more special.

5 Free Printable Menu Templates

Do you ever make menus for your dinner parties?