The Brand Behind Some of Our Favorite Fans and Heaters Just Released an All-In-One Air Fryer

published Aug 24, 2023
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Air Fryer Pork Chops
Credit: Joe Lingeman
Air Fryer Pork Chops

Ever since air fryers skyrocketed to popularity a few years ago, people have used theirs for some pretty unconventional purposes. Sure, now it might seem normal to bake pastries in yours or roast an entire chicken, but like any appliance that’s pushed past its realm of functionality, the air fryer ultimately isn’t a foolproof cooking tool. The truth is, it’s easy to treat it like a multipurpose convection oven, but you’re bound to end up with some inedible dinners if you go too far. If you’re currently on the hunt for an air fryer, don’t be dismayed. One of our favorite brands actually just released an all-in-one countertop appliance that you can use to prepare just about anything, without having to worry that your eats will come out raw, dry, overcooked, or smelling like whatever was in there previously.

You might know Dreo best for their top-of-the-line fans and space heaters, but after checking out the new Dreo ChefMaker, you’ll recognize them as the brand behind one of the most versatile countertop appliances on the market.

What is the Dreo ChefMaker?

The better question is, what isn’t the Dreo ChefMaker? In essence, it’s an air fryer and convection oven combo that can make anything from rhubarb pie to sous vide steak using one of the numerous presets available. Although you can customize your desired dish and doneness on the ChefMaker’s digital display screen, it has three main cooking modes. Chef Mode allows even the most amateur home cooks to access more than 40 ingredient cooking programs curated by actual chefs, resulting in restaurant-worthy meals. Classic Cook has all your basic functions, including broiling, air frying, and six more. Finally, Probe Cook makes use of the machine’s built-in cook probe, precisely controlling your food’s internal temperature to achieve perfect results. It might initially seem like a lot to navigate, but the ChefMaker makes preparing even the most traditionally difficult cuisines feel like a walk in the park.


Why You’ll Love the Dreo ChefMaker

As soon as you place your ingredients inside the ChefMaker and choose your cooking mode, it’ll give you an accurate time of how long the food needs to cook. In the meantime, you’re free to prepare other dishes or simply go about your day. And there’s no need to stay in the kitchen in order to monitor your eats; simply download the Dreo app to keep track of their progress directly from your smartphone. (You can also access recipes from the app if you need some inspo.) And much like conventional air fryers, the ChefMaker doesn’t require excess oil or grease to create delicious results. Instead, it has a 200-ml water tank, which works in tandem with the built-in smart meat thermometer to whip up roasted veggies, chicken wings, and other eats exactly the way you like them.

When you purchase the ChefMaker, it comes with everything it needs to function seamlessly, including a nonstick basket, cooking tray, grilling rack, and cook probe. Even if your culinary skills are lacking, this simple but high-tech tool will take you from hopeless to making gourmet meals in no time.