Dreamy Meal for Valentine’s: Jessica’s Whale-Inspired Feast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you entered our Valentine’s Day Dreamy Meal giveaway yet? Entry is quick and easy – just tell us your inspirational plans for a dreamy Valentine’s meal.

Here’s a wildly unexpected yet sweet entry from Jessica – all inspired by baleen whales. The American Museum of Natural History, whales, and miso soup below…

Jessica says…

When I was a sophomore in college, I worked briefly at the American Museum of Natural History whale collections for specimen photography. When you open the baleen whale shelves in the basement, you’re greeted by rows of ribs and skulls in dim light. After spending time with the skulls I would walk up to the early amphibians and practically ogle the delicate structures. I also took my boyfriend along, telling him everything I knew about the evolution of vertebrates. He’d even venture into the basement, despite the smell, and help me find specimens and fight my computer. So, the American Museum of Natural History is a lovely place for celebrating our relationship.

As for the menu, it reflects what I love about the museum and my boyfriend – comfort. We’re both nerds, so comfort food is key. And really, having time at AMNH for me is like being a kid at a candy store. Like that excitement, I chose food meant to be savored and enjoyed every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Miso soup is something we’re both working to master because we adore it, and the omami feeling is great. Ribs are one of my favorite comfort foods, which I’m turning Chris into a fan of, and it’s fun to eat with your hands when most people expect polite dinners. Double chocolate souffle is just a lovely way to end any meal.

Jessica’s Whale-Inspired Feast
Miso Soup
Slow Oven Ribs
Double Chocolate Soufflé

Good luck Jessica!

(Images: Slow Oven Ribs by Jennifer Yu at use real butter; Double Chocolate Soufflé by Christopher Hirsheimer at Leite’s Culinaria)