Dreamy Meal for Valentine’s: Christian’s London Date

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What do London, brownies, and ice cream have to do with each other? Christian has fond memories of London and its classic pub foods, as well as brownies and ice cream – read her romantic memory and menu below in our latest entry to our Valentine’s Day Dreamy Meal contest.

Why does this photo inspire you? Christian says:

I met my husband in London in September of 1997. Like many new couples we spent the following months going to dinner and exploring new restaurants. One of my favorites was the Dickens Inn located on the less touristy East Side of the city. Surrounded by centuries old buildings and docks filled with million pound boats, we enjoyed eating the most simple of British foods…fish, chips, and mushy peas. As we sat outside on the balcony watching the boats pull in and out we talked about how we would own a flat there some day. Then, we would leave the Dickens Inn and walk around the corner for a pint of ice cream from Haagen Daas. We would go back to my husband’s flat, make brownies with Swiss chocolate and put them on top of the ice cream while they were still hot.

Deep Fried Fish and Chips – for best results use Haddock
Mushy Peas (sounds gross but is really divine!)
Haagen Daas Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Brownies – Substitute this Lindt Chocolate for the chocolate in the recipe. Slightly undercook and then let the brownies cool a bit so they are very gooey when you add them to the ice cream.

Good luck Christian!

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(Image credit: Brownies by AllRecipes member Maxine)