This $30 “Secret” Pantry Organizing Hack Makes It (Nearly) Impossible to Lose Something in Your Cabinets

published Dec 23, 2023
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Green with green cabinets, green backsplash, and a white island.
Credit: Lula Poggi

When Tanit, who’s an actress and writer and works at a tech company, moved into her minimal, modern Barcelona apartment, she knew there were some changes she wanted to make. Although the 600-square-foot home had the gorgeous natural light she sought out, it didn’t have an open kitchen, which was her dream. 

What was previously the kitchen was transformed into Tanit and her husband’s bedroom so she could have an open-concept kitchen with an expansive island. The new kitchen isn’t just aesthetically pleasing with its airy floor plan and dark green cabinets and backsplash — it’s also super functional. 

Credit: Lula Poggi

The sides of the extra-large island have built-in shelves to maximize storage, and two tall cabinets on either side of the sink are great for hiding kitchen bits and bobs. However, each cabinet has a design secret ingredient that increases storage and makes cooking easier: inner-cabinet drawers.

Credit: Lula Poggi

This scenario might sound familiar: You’re cooking a new recipe, and that spice you rarely use is at the very back of your spice cabinet. You have to pull everything out to access this one ingredient, and then painstakingly put all of the items back. It’s irritating and time-consuming — but Tanit’s drawer idea makes tasks like this so much easier.

Credit: Lula Poggi

“I love the fact that the kitchen cabinets are all drawers, including the pantry. It’s not something that is very common, at least here in Spain, and it really makes finding that small spice jar and seeing what you’ve got in your pantry so much easier,” Tanit said. 

But you don’t need a custom-designed pantry or kitchen to get the look for your own space. Amazon has dozens of affordable cabinet drawer organizers you can install yourself to optimize the space — and make sure getting that hard-to-reach ingredient is never an issue again.

Tanit’s light-filled kitchen isn’t the only gorgeous room in her Barcelona apartment. Visit the full home tour on Apartment Therapy to see how she carried the kitchen cabinet color throughout her space. 

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