These Dresser Drawer Dividers Will Give You the Most Organized Utensil Drawer of All Time

updated Feb 18, 2020
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Credit: Sarah Crowley

I look at a lot of pretty drawer porn. It’s total eye candy for anyone who loves an organized space (you know, the kind of person who is galvanized by the very sight of things lined up in rainbow-ized rows, or tiny things corralled in little jars).

One of the common denominators I see in nearly every drawer is some sort of drawer organizer. There are lots of options out there, some are better than others: Some don’t actually fit in your drawer; ome actually waste space; and some are just way too awkward — which brings me to my latest obsession.

Technically meant for your bedroom, OXO’s Dresser Drawer Dividers are actually perfect for your kitchen’s tool and gadget drawer! Here’s why using these dresser drawer dividers (or similar ones!) in kitchen drawers is so great.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

1. You can tailor the size of each compartment to suit your personal storage needs.

Don’t let an organizer dictate how many tools will fit in each section! With drawer dividers, you get to decide where you need a narrow space versus where you need a wider one. Those items you previously tucked into the awkward spaces on the sides or to the back of your old drawer organizers? They won’t feel like outliers. Each item has a place and you can put it exactly where it belongs. 

Credit: Sarah Crowley

2. You can use them horizontally or vertically.

Not enough drawer organizers think of the drawer in front-to-back-terms. This ends up with wasted space in the back and makes it hard to store lots of tools in one space. I like the idea of using these dividers horizontally to create perfectly sized compartments that are just slightly longer than your tools. If you’d rather store items in a in an up-and-down configuration, you’re free to do that, too, of course.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

3. They’re easy to label.

The tall walls formed by the dresser drawer organizers not only keep items from spilling over into neighboring spaces, but they also provide ample space to place labels so that everyone knows where everything is — and where to put everything back. When in doubt, add a label.

How do you organize your tool and gadget drawer? Tell us in the comments below.