Dramatic Improvement Projects From Kitchen Tours

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Doing major improvements in the kitchen is like yin and yang. It’s only natural in a place that is (hopefully) packed with hands-on efforts. Aside from whipping up a great meal, our readers have also shown off some amazing improvement projects in their kitchen tours and we’d like to remind you of a few just in case you’re looking for an end-of-winter project.

Although every kitchen tour we feature shows off a little DIY improvement in one way or another, there are a few projects that made us gasp at their beauty and then say, “I bet I could do that!” Here’s a few of our favorites:

Install Your Own Butcher Block Countertops: We love a good DIY countertop and the butcher block tops in Ashley Ann’s $500 Light and Lovely Remodel are hands down our favorite! It’s a fabulous look for a smaller cost and making them yourself means there custom fit perfectly to whatever weird space your condo, apartment or vintage kitchen as dealt you!

Cabinet Door Change-Up: As if their kitchen wasn’t open and airy enough, changing out the centers of their cabinets to something a little more see-through was a fabulous DIY project. You can see more of the project over at Chris and Heather’s Serene and Hippie Kitchen.

Install Fresh Flooring: We know flooring isn’t always the most inexpensive option, but in Ashley’s Bright and Efficient Kitchen it was the ONLY option. After ripping up the low pile industrial carpet they put in new flooring for just $1.99 a square foot. In a small space it can be a great investment that you’ll love each and every day.

Tear Down The Walls — Literally: While most of the work done in Kristin’s Bright and Open Re-Design was done by hand, we have to give big props for the removal of the wall between her kitchen and living room. While it’s a big project, it’s one that is bound to make any kitchen feel larger and incorporate it’s use into how your family operates each day.

Remove Cupboard Doors: If adding inserts to doors isn’t in your budget, just try removing them all together. Arielle’s Warm and Practical Artistic Kitchen is a great display of just that. Although you pay more attention to what’s in your cabinets, it’s a great way to make things feel a little modern.

Did you see a project that inspired you but didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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