Doub’s Free Spirited Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I walked into the Philadelphia home of Doub Hanshaw I was immediately blown away, I mean, how could you not be? One of my favorite aspects of her home is the kitchen. There are so many rustic elements that pay homage to the converted warehouse, but those are equally balanced by the modern touches.

The rustic elements that make a huge impact are the poured cement counter tops and backsplash as well as the plywood walls and ceiling. The counter tops are super industrial but also modern and completely practical at the same time. The thick edge makes a huge statement in the mostly streamlined space. Even though this warehouse was once almost entirely empty, Doub managed to squeeze in modern tech conveniences in the kitchen.

The collection of colorful glass bottles and mirror behind the sink are an interesting and much needed touch of color in the mostly monotone space. The kitchen and dining room (along with the rest of the house) are so wide open and spacious. It’s unique to have two dining tables so close, but I can appreciate finding the need for a fabulously large dining table with mis-matched seating.

(Image credit: Kristen Lubbe)