Good Product: Double-Tier Produce Basket

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We had a question last winter about the best way to store fruits and vegetables. We wish we would have seen this double-tier produce basket then, because this is truly a good product.

What we like: It has full air circulation, which helps keep things from spoiling or going soft too fast. It also has two separate baskets, good for keeping onions and potatoes separate. And then of course the most obvious advantage is the two-basket design – maximizing countertop storage. It’s nice enough to keep out on the counter but it would fit in a pantry closet too.

Dimensions: 14¾”W x 14¼”H x 11″D.

We like it! Does anyone use one like this? We’re always scrambling for fresh fruit and vegetable storage this time of year…

Double-Tier Produce Basket, $16.95 at Fresh Finds

(Image: Fresh Finds)