5 Cutting Boards that Do Double Duty

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I cook at home every day and I love vegetables. So that means that I spend a lot of time with my cutting board. While my board works well as a cutting board it’s rather large and bulky, and it only gets used to chop things and then sits back in the corner by itself. I wish it did more than just provide a safe place to mince, dice and chop. Maybe if it doubled as something else I’d find more appreciation for it. Here are five boards cute enough to show off all the time, not just when you have a knife in hand.

Round Cutting Board by Joseph Joseph, $24.99 at Cambria Cove: Made from glass, this bright and cheerful cutting board also doubles as a trivet. Chop up vegetables for your favorite casserole and pop it in the oven, when it’s ready plop it down on the now trivet to keep your counters safe.
The OCD Chef, $24.99 at Perpetual Kid: Get a precise and beautiful chop on vegetables for important dishes or even if you’re just a tad OCD. Besides chopping, this board is also perfect for pastry!
Bowlboard, $69.00 at Yanko Design: When chopping multiple items on the cutting board I always line up bowls along the edge so I can easily scrape them into separate bowls. Instead of wasting bowls that I just have to hand wash later and making a mess all over the counter, the Bowlboard is a good alternative. The bowls fit in their own spaces on the cutting board and each vegetable (or whatever) can easily be slid into the bowl.
Bole Werc Suuri, $90.00 at Supermarket: While this is actually being marketed as a moss planter, I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be used as a double duty cutting board. It’s made from Maple and with a good conditioning there’s no reason why this board couldn’t stand the test of time in the kitchen. Use the moss square to hold the bits and pieces you’ve already chopped so they don’t fall all over the counter.
Pull Out Chopping Block, DIY: This is an easy and extremely useful DIY that just about anyone could do. There are built-in cutting boards that can be installed with cabinets, so why not get a hole cut into the top and place your trash/composting bin below? It’ll save a lot of time and effort and think about never having to clean up after a long prep!

(Images: Cambria Cove, Faith Durand, Yanko Design, Supermarket HQ, The Farm Chicks)