The Gorgeous Odor-Free Dish Scrubber That Replaced My Stinky Sponges and Is Saving Me Money in the Long Run

published Feb 16, 2024
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Surprisingly enough, I find satisfaction in tackling dirty dishes. A chaotic kitchen before bedtime? That’s a definite no in my rulebook. I expect my sink to be pristine and dish-free — well, mostly. Thank goodness for my dishwasher, which lends a hand in maintaining this “cleanliness” I speak of (and my roommate, of course). However, my dishwasher can’t clean handwash-only items, and while a regular sponge served me well for washing nonstick cookware, mugs, and wine glasses, I found two significant drawbacks: 1) it’s gross, and 2) it needs to be thrown away frequently. This felt wasteful, but I was used to regularly disposing of my sponges — until I got to try Dotti’s Super Scrubber, the only sponge I’ve used for the past five weeks.

What drew me in about this $9 sponge was more than just its pretty looks. First, it’s made from antibacterial silicone to keep it odor-free — a game-changer. Second, it’s dishwasher safe, so it stays in good condition for an extended time. Aka, fewer trips to the trash! I’m pretty impressed with my Super Scrubber, and I think you will be too.

What Is the Dotti Super Scrubber?

Made from antibacterial food-grade silicone, this 3-by-2-inch Dotti Super Scrubber isn’t just sleek-looking in sage, blush, or black colorways — it’s also odor-free. You can use it to tackle dish, counter, shower, and tile scrubbing without a problem: Think of it as your all-in-one cleaning sponge! It’s dishwasher-safe (upper rack only), too, and is said to equate to six regular sponges in the span of its lifecycle. In summary, it’s a cuter, cleaner cousin to the ordinary sponge — an upgrade that’s well deserved, if you ask me.

Credit: Haley Lyndes

Why I Love the Dotti Super Scrubber

A clean kitchen is a big deal for me, but dealing with a nasty sponge was a frequent headache I’d rather avoid. The Dotti Super Scrubber, in simple terms, changes the game when it comes to cleanliness. Thanks to its antibacterial food-grade silicone material, it doesn’t get all gunked up like regular sponges do. And here’s the best part: If it ever looks a bit grimy, I just toss it in my dishwasher’s top rack, and it comes out as good as new! I mainly use it for cleaning my mugs, cups, and wine glasses — anything that touches my mouth — but for my cookware, I stick to a regular sponge, since the rough side tackles stubborn food scraps. But for everything else, the Dotti is a dream. I’ve had it for five weeks now, and it still looks almost brand new — I can’t recommend it enough!