This $10 Renter-Friendly Amazon Find Helps Keep Bugs Out of the Kitchen

published Nov 1, 2019
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The weather is getting cooler, and for some of us, so are our homes, thanks to draty doors and windows that basically turn rooms into meat lockers. Rather than increase your energy bill by cranking up the thermostat or relying on a space heater, start by getting to the root of the problem. Plastic insulation film and thermal curtains are great for stopping winds from entering through windows, but don’t forget about those brisk breezes that slip in under doors. A draft stopper is an easy and affordable solution, and one particular model that recently caught our eye is the Suptikes Under Door Seal, which is an Amazon best-seller and, judging by the more than 900 5-star reviews, quite a game-changer.

For starters, the $10 door sealer — a simple silicone strip with adhesive backing — does exactly what it promises: block drafts. In fact, most reviewers said they noticed an immediate difference after applying it to the base of their door. “This thing is awesome,” said one customer. “We had cold air coming in our front door. After applying this sealing, I feel warmer than before.” Once summer rolls around, the door sealer can be used to keep cool, air-conditioned air inside the room so you won’t need to run the unit as often and end up with an escalated electric bill.

The durable strip, which has three thick layers, also earned rave reviews for its ability to stifle sounds. That means the voices of rude neighbors or loud roommates likely won’t wake you when you’re sleeping in your toasty room this winter. “The sound blocking is especially amazing because my bedroom is near the front door and I hated hearing my neighbors’ conversations clear as day in the stairwell,” said one reviewer, who noted that the sealer is ideal for renters because it requires no drilling, unlike similar products. “It’s not totally noise canceling but it’s so much better.”

Another surprising benefit is that the sealer creates a barrier that keeps insects and other creepy-crawlies from getting into your home. “We had all sorts of bugs and small lizards coming in those small gaps,” said one reviewer. “Since I installed this new rubber stripping — we have not had issues with either!” According to another reviewer, it also blocks out unwanted odors: “Does exactly what i needed, keeps the ‘wacky’ smoke from coming in under the door. “

The Suptikes Under Door Seal comes in black, white, brown, and gray, and can be trimmed to match the length of any door. If you decide you don’t need it anymore, gently strip it off (warning: it will likely remove some paint); should you want to use it again, simply reheat the strip with a hair dryer before reapplying.

As one reviewer summed it up: “Easy install. Looks good. Adhesive works great. Works exactly as described.”

What more could you ask for?

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