Don’t Forget This One Very Important Thing in Your Thanksgiving Day Schedule

published Nov 14, 2013
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Last week I shared my small and swanky Thanksgiving dinner with you, and we spent some time talking about how to schedule out the cooking on the day itself. One commenter left a note, though, of something I neglected to mention, and it made me laugh out loud. Know what it is? It’s important…

When planning Thanksgiving dinner, schedule in time to take a shower.

This is so right on, and it made me laugh, but wryly. I did have this particularly important agenda item in my hour-by-hour schedule for Thanksgiving, but I left it off the list we photographed above because I felt like it was a little goofy. Would people think I would just forget otherwise? Who needs to write down a reminder to take a shower?

Well, as reader chickhabit said: “Something else that seems obvious, but can easily get overlooked on the day of…. Schedule in time to take a shower, and do it at least 2 hours before guests arrive. I know I’m prone to just waking up, putting on the coffee and getting straight to work. Factoring in personal prep time is majorly helpful. Cause, you know, you’re just as fabulous as your table.”

Right on, chickhabit, right on.

I’m guilty of pushing off my shower and personal prep time until the last minute, doing “just one more thing,” and then racing downstairs with wet hair as the guests knock on the door. This feels a bit stressful. It’s better to schedule this important line item in your hosting duties earlier in the day, to give yourself more time and a bit of relaxation.

Do you make out a big schedule of things to get done on Thanksgiving Day? Do you add your shower? Or other little personal things that you might forget in the busyness?

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