Dolly Parton’s Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinets Are Not the Color You’d Expect

published Mar 12, 2024
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Headshot of Dolly Parton on a colorful background
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Country music queen Dolly Parton, who is often celebrated for her stage glam (always adorned with rhinestones and lots of bold pink) and exquisite recipes, has brought her distinctive style to an unexpected canvas: her kitchen cabinets. And you just have to see them! Departing from flashiness, she opts for a muted blue-gray shade, revealing a side characterized by sophistication and understated elegance.

While it’s not confirmed that these beauties are inside her Tennessee home, her frequent Instagram posts with the gorgeous cabinets in the background over the years are reason to believe they could be. (Psst! Here’s our full review of her new line of Duncan Hines mixes.)

Among A-listers like Jennifer Garner and Kendall Jenner, Dolly shines by picking an unexpected color for her kitchen cabinets, following the trend of celebs going for unique hues. The gray-blue shade she chose brings depth and charm to the room, and it’s not just pretty — it perfectly complements gold, silver, and brass hardware and accents. Plus, the shade balances out bright colors, making it an ideal choice for those who want something different from the usual white cabinets.

For those inspired by the “Jolene” singer’s sophisticated kitchen cabinet palette, achieving a similar look is a breeze. Exploring coastal blue or gray shades can lead to options like Benjamin Moore’s “Heaven,” which offers an airy, ethereal gray with a touch of lavender closely resembling Dolly’s serene hue. This choice creates an instant ambiance that is calming and visually striking. Sherwin-Williams enthusiasts can consider alternatives like “Silent Ripple,” an icy blue-gray leaning more towards the blue side, or “Ash Violet,” falling within the purple-gray spectrum. These paint choices provide a versatile and stylish way to pay homage to Dolly’s chic kitchen aesthetic.

The kitchen design stands out and skillfully combines gray-blue cabinets with accessories that reflect Dolly’s bold style: Pink floral dishes, hanging china, and vibrant plants inject bursts of complementary color and liveliness into the serene atmosphere. This intentional design showcases the “9 to 5” singer’s exceptional sense of balance, creating a pitch-perfect harmony — an artful reflection of her multifaceted personality.

All in all, Dolly’s kitchen cabinets hit all the right notes. They add a touch of glamour and a dash of daring, proving that even in decor she’s the reigning queen of refined flair! After all, who said cabinets can’t be as dazzling as a country’s sweetheart herself?