The $1 Dollar Tree Find That’s So “Adorable,” Shoppers Are Buying 3 at a Time

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Dollar Tree Store Exterior, Manassas, Virginia, USA, July 27, 2022
Credit: refrina/Shutterstock

There are a lot of fun summer finds floating around Dollar Tree’s shelves right now. From the “coastal grandmother” dishes to these watermelon bowls, this discount retailer is helping shoppers get prepped for the warm summer season ahead. Yet a hot summer day wouldn’t be right without a cold drink in hand, especially if the shapes of the ice cubes are themed with warm beachy days! And wouldn’t you know it, Dollar Tree has that for us as well.

Now sold at Dollar Tree for the iconic price of $1.25, you can snag different ice cube molds in shapes that match your summer aesthetic. There are seashell molds; one with tiny scallop-shell shaped ice cubes, and another with little conch shells. There’s also a pineapple mold with tiny tropical pineapples, perfect for that pitcher of spicy pineapple vodka punch you plan on mixing up this summer.

Sure, an ice cube mold as cute as this is great for the ice in your drink, but true ice-fanatics know that these molds make it easy to get creative with your beverages. We personally love making a rainbow of ice cubes, fitting our favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the ice to make a tasty infused drink. Another one of our favorite ice cube hacks can also fill your ice cube molds with other types of beverages, like coffee or tea. Why? That way your iced coffee doesn’t get watered down as the cubes melt.

Plus, ice cube molds are great to have on hand for prepping your foods, like this clever pancake ice cube hack where you can freeze pancake batter for perfectly portioned pancakes later. You could also use them to freeze pesto before it goes bad.

Dollar Tree isn’t currently selling its shaped ice tray molds online, but a similar item is available on Five Below’s website for only $3. How good does strawberry-shaped ice sound this summer?

So whether you’re using the ice for cooking purposes or simply want something fun for your guests when you serve those big-batch cocktails this summer, these summery ice cube trays are the perfect thing to have on hand for the hot months ahead.