If You Find This “Awesome” $1 Dollar Tree Kitchen Gem, Grab 3 (It’s So Versatile!)

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Dollar Tree Discount Store. Dollar Tree offers an eclectic mix of products for a dollar.
Credit: Shutterstock/Jonathan Weiss

It’s sort of a given that your kitchen is likely to get messy while you cook. Between splatters of sauce and oil, rogue chopped veggies and herbs on the counter, and crumbs scattered across the floor, messy kitchens are bound to happen. But that doesn’t stop us from trying to mitigate the amount of mess that you have to deal with, and having a spoon rest next to your stove helps to keep things a little more tidy while you cook — and is a whole lot prettier than that paper towel you tend to grab as a makeshift spoon rest instead. Don’t have a spoon rest yet? Then this $1 find from Dollar Tree might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Now here’s the catch: This spoon rest actually isn’t found in the kitchen section of Dollar Tree. Instead, head over to the bathroom section and look for the tiny soap trays. Although these white, tan, gray, black, and blue trays are meant to hold bars of soap, they also work brilliantly as a spoon rest in your kitchen. Say goodbye to the days of messy sauce splatters and seeping paper towels on your counter!

Already have a spoon rest? Well, this small tray is actually quite versatile, and can be used in a variety of other ways, according to a recent post by @thecraftedstudioco featuring a few clever organization tips using Dollar Tree finds. Need a dish to hold your precious jewelry while you cook? Keep this dish close so you can safely remove your jewelry and never have to worry about that precious ring tumbling down the drain. How about a small tray to hold that soapy scrub brush so it doesn’t get all over your counter? This little tray works well for that, too.

You can shop a similar version of the tray on Amazon for $8.99. It comes in white, black, and white with black trim. 

Unfortunately, these soap trays are not available to purchase on the Dollar Tree website, so you’ll have to search in your local retailer to find one.