Dollar Tree Has Confirmed It’s No Longer Selling This Essential Item

published Mar 21, 2023
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3/19/20: Dollar Tree in Fort Myers Florida
Credit: Sadie Mantell/Shutterstock

Unless you have a personal shopper (Hey, Instacart!) you’ve likely been in a grocery store lately and noticed subtle (or less than subtle) increases in the prices of your favorite food items and kitchen staples. Inflation may be an inevitable facet of our economy, but recently, it seems it’s something we can’t escape as prices continue their steady rise and we tighten our wallets and purse strings. While it’s routine for grocers to increase costs, the possibility of chains removing household staples altogether is usually very rare.

That, however, has changed as discount retailer Dollar Tree announced that it would no longer sell eggs at any of its 8,000 locations in response to rising prices due to inflation and a global bird flu outbreak. Egg prices have increased by as much as 70 percent in the past year, and the monthly average cost for a dozen hovers at about $4.21 today. And while the move is shocking, Dollar Tree has continued to make changes to its store model to combat the effects of an economy still recovering from the ripples of COVID-19. 

The chain didn’t give any expected return of the item in question, but for shoppers who depend on the decreased price in daily items that Dollar Tree provides, this will be a huge blow to budgets. Of course, eggs will still be available at other retailers such as Dollar General, Walmart, and Target, but at a higher price point.

According to a recent CPI report, grocery prices rose a whopping 9.5 percent year over year. As consumers continue to navigate the ever-changing economic landscape, there do seem to be plenty of ways to save on food and groceries this year. Until we find some true relief though, I’ll definitely be making my own basics at home and shopping around for all the deals I can find. 

Let us know what prices are like in your area and if you do find an egg-cellent deal, make sure to share!