Dollar Tree’s “Beautiful” $1 Kitchen Find Has Shoppers Running to the Store

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Fond du Lac, Wisconsin USA - March 14th, 2024: Dollar Tree store logo sign on a building.
Credit: Aaron of L.A. Photography/Shutterstock

Dollar Tree may be raising some of its prices at the store, but this popular discount retailer still has a lot of hidden gems at a baseline price of $1.25, such as stackable bottle organizers and reusable floral storage bags. And now, thanks to some clever Dollar Tree hunters, we just discovered another beautiful find that is worthy of taking up some cabinet real estate in your kitchen: iridescent glass drinking tumblers!

Dollar Tree is now selling colorful iridescent drinking tumblers with matching straws and lids. They are made of glass and come in four colors: blue, pink, green, and orange. Each glass is tinted to match the color of the straw and lid, which seems to be made of hard plastic. They hold 15 ounces of liquid, perfect for your morning iced latte or evening cocktail for happy hour.

Clever TikTok creators like @kiki_createsgv are also finding ways to craft these glass iridescent tumblers with their own designs, using stickers to make these glasses their own. Given that these tumblers are not dishwasher or microwave safe, your decorations and designs would be protected from damage if you’re merely giving it a gentle wash by hand.

Dollar Tree shoppers are loving these colorful tumblers, praising how they are “so cute” and look gorgeous at such a low price. However, finding these cups in stores hasn’t been easy; shoppers are saying they aren’t easily available to purchase at their local stores. Thankfully, Dollar Tree is selling a set of 24 on the brand’s website for $30, which gives you six of each color. Shoppers say they love these cups so much that they’re buying multiple cases at a time! 

This set could be perfect for a party you’re hosting, or for having on hand when you have guests over this summer. Because we all know a batch of sweet tea is even more sweet when served in gorgeous glassware such as these!

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