The Brilliant $1 Dollar Tree Storage Gem I Wish I’d Bought Sooner (I’m Using It in Every Room!)

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June 3, 2019: Dollar tree store in Toronto.  Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. is an American chain of discount variety stores.
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I’m on a personal journey to reorganize my pantry and declutter the mess that’s taken over my shelves, and when I saw these unbelievable $1.25 wire storage essentials on sale at Dollar Tree, I regretted not buying them sooner. 

The wire baskets are exactly what I’m looking for: An easy way to scan and see what’s available in my pantry so that I can grab what I need and go about my day. It also helps double up the storage space. Now I’m not just limited to what I can put on the shelves themselves. By utilizing the vertical space, I’m able to stack small pouches, snack bars, and more without giving up that valuable real estate.

According to Dollar Tree’s site, the wire racks measure 9.25 inches wide, 1.97 inches high, and 12.6 inches long and are only available in sets of 36. The item comes in three different colors: white, gray, and sky blue. 

You can buy a max of 288 and then continue to add more to cart if you’re looking for a total revamp of all the closets in your home. You can also take your chances shopping for the item in-store, although in-stock availability will change depending on where you go.

In a TikTok video first posted by Caitlin Moyer in February 2024, she shows off how she used her wire racks to create instant vertical storage in her pantry. 

She used the wire basket and added two adhesive hooks on each side to hold it in place, creating under-bin storage to hold different types of tea bags.

I really love this idea and can’t wait to try it in my own pantry (and maybe even in other rooms!). It looks easy and, most importantly, effective — and I regret not trying this sooner!

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