The “Adorable” $1 Bunny Containers at Dollar Tree That Shoppers Are Buying in Bulk

published Feb 28, 2024
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Circa March 2021: Dollar Tree Discount Store. Dollar Tree offers an eclectic mix of products for a dollar.
Credit: Shutterstock/Jonathan Weiss

Spring is around the corner and we can’t wait for the warm weather, pastel colors, and blooming flowers that will make the days so much less dreary. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you may be searching for a small way to welcome in the new season with your loved ones — and what better way than with some spring candy? Instagrammer @whimsicallywonderful found some festive bunny-shaped containers from Dollar Tree that would be the ideal vessel for any seasonal treats.

The small transparent containers are shaped like a rabbit’s head, and would be perfect for a parent or teacher looking for an inexpensive way to pass out treats this season. You can fill them with candy like jelly beans, Cadbury chocolate eggs, or gummy bears. As an alternative, if you don’t want to fill with anything edible, you can also fill them with something like stickers.

From the Instagram video, it seems as if the bunnies come in packages of four, but since these aren’t available online, you’ll have to head over to your local Dollar Tree to see if you can find out for yourself.

You can also make the most of the product by finding ways to use it all year-round. For example, you can fill with snacks for your little ones that will create the perfect portion. (Plus, they will never get tired of the bunny design.) Or, you can use them around the house to store small items like paper clips, thumbtacks, or stamps. You can also put these away for all Easters to come.

Like all seasonal items, these are likely to sell out quickly without the promise of a restock, so if you happen to see them and are considering adding them to your spring stash, now is the time to stock up.