I Tried This Spooky DIY Dollar-Store Decor Hack — and I’m Obsessed

published Oct 2, 2023
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Spider web bowl filled with Halloween candy on kitchen counter.
Credit: Emma Kumagawa

Spooky season has commenced! In the blink of an eye, it’s that time of the year again — skeletons, ghouls, witches, and ghosts greet us at storefronts, in commercials, and all over social media. Group chats are buzzing with pumpkin patch suggestions and costume ideas, and fall has officially whisked us away from summer. I’ve discovered the absolute must-do dollar-store decor DIY that’ll take your space to the next level.

As I dug into the corner of TikTok dedicated to Dollar Tree Halloween kitchen decor hacks, one item that kept appearing was the ever-so-versatile plastic webbed spider basket. The basket, which comes in black, orange, and purple, can be used in many ways, especially as a candy basket or a serving tray in your kitchen — which is exactly what I set out to do.

I went to my local Dollar Tree and picked up a black spider basket along with a spider candy holder for the layered spider basket, and a 13-inch metallic silver plate for the platter, each $1.25. Although I deviated a little bit from the inspiration videos I was pulling from (here and here), the DIYs only took a matter of minutes to put together. 

Credit: Emma Kumagawa

How to Make the DIY Layered Spider Basket

The spider bowl nestles perfectly into the spider candy holder, and the colors match seamlessly (if you opt for black). I decided to wrap string lights I already had around the bowl before filling it with candy, and I absolutely love the subtle glow the lights created. Place the baskets on top of the plate to use all three items in one!

Credit: Emma Kumagawa

How to Make the DIY Spider Web Platter 

Place your silver plate atop the downturned spider bowl and hot glue them together — and you’re literally done. I left the string lights on the bowl because I thought they added a really cute touch. I decorated the tray with the pearlized ceramic skull I also found at Dollar Tree, a “cauldron” of candy corn, and a mini pumpkin. Load it up with your favorite Halloween candies, spooky treats and apps, or the ultimate festive charcuterie board. You can also place the spider candy bowl on the tray for a more minimalistic and low-lift approach! 

Credit: Emma Kumagawa

I found that without gluing anything together, the three pieces could be mixed and matched as much as I wanted — although for sturdier construction, I recommend putting some hot glue to secure the items together. Of course, I could’ve spent an extra $3.75 on a second set of the three items to make two full pieces of Halloween decor, but I have plenty of time to do that before the trick-or-treaters come. So, for less than $4 and five minutes of prep, I can confirm the spider basket hack (two ways!) is a frighteningly easy way to decorate your kitchen for Halloween. 

Are you trying any DIY dollar-store Halloween decor hacks? Let us know in the comments below!