This Surprising Dollar-Store Kitchen Find That Belongs in Every Bathroom

published Dec 3, 2021
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If you, like me, are always looking for new tricks to keep a home clean, you’ve probably heard about Fabuloso, the fan-favorite, all-purpose cleaner that can tackle everything, including grimy counters, greasy backsplashes, pesky stains, and more. On a recent scroll through TikTok, I came across another surprising use for this cleaning multitasker: cleaning the bathroom!

Stick with me if you’re thinking, “Of course an all-purpose cleaner works in the bathroom.” The real trick here has to do with the mode of application. You can, of course, add Fabuloso to a spray bottle, spray your desired surface, then wipe it away. Or, you can follow this brilliant advice, and pour a little into a soap-dispensing dish wand, which you can find at a dollar store and use to clean pretty much any hard surface. 

Note: Vanesa Amaro (our favorite TikTok follow) also likes to use a soap-dispensing dish wand to clean her bathroom! Only she fills hers with Dawn dish soap and white vinegar. The point? A soap-dispensing dish wand absolutely belongs in the kitchen … and the bathroom! You can easily order one on Amazon or pick up one at the dollar store.

After watching the video, I went to my local dollar store and grabbed a bottle of Lavender Fabuloso and a brand-new dish wand. (Full disclosure: The cleaner was $2.85, and the wand was $2.50, but that’s still cheap in my book.) I didn’t have a funnel on hand, so I very carefully poured the liquid cleaner directly into the dish wand.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Then, I turned to my bathroom sink and scrubbed away. Right off, the built-in sponge made it SO easy to work away toothpaste gunk and other grime from the inside the sink. With the water running, it was easy to wash all of the grime down the drain. It works just as well to clean the inside of the bathtub or shower, too — way more convenient than spraying with a spray bottle and wiping with a separate sponge or brush. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

The Fabuloso products are beloved for their smell, and I was a bit worried the scent would be too strong. But the lavender actually smelled really good. It’s a noticeable scent, but it also fades throughout the day. 

Fabuloso suds a bit when you scrub with the wand, so you’ll need to wipe away the excess with a wet rag. The wand still saves a step because you don’t have to spray, but it may be most convenient to use this method on areas like your sink or bath, where it’s easy to flush the suds with water. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

One other important point, which lots of commenters noted in the original TikTok post: Fabuloso is an all-purpose cleaner, not a disinfectant, so it’s best for everyday wipe-downs. If you want to kill germs on any surface, you’ll need a true disinfectant, like bleach or isopropyl alcohol. Just make sure you don’t mix products, including with Fabuloso.

Do you have any hacks using a dish wand? Share your experience in the comments below..