If You Spot This “Adorable” $3 New Kitchen Find at Dollar General, Grab 2 (It’s So Smart!)

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Leesport, PA, USA - June 14, 2018: Dollar General is an American chain of variety stores Headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee,  Dollar General operates over 16,500 stores.
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It’s almost time to go strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry picking, which can only mean one thing; berry season is coming! We’re dreaming of stacks of pancakes and sugary hand pies and sparkling cocktails with floating fruit — or maybe just snacking on those delectable little fruits themselves. Because who doesn’t love the taste of a freshly-picked strawberry? Thankfully Dollar General understands us, because they’re now selling a container that is ideal for all your berry snacking needs.

Dollar General is selling two different ceramic berry holders; one featuring strawberries, the other featuring blueberries. These containers are white and shaped like little fruit baskets that you would buy at the store or the farmer’s market. They are a square shape and made of ceramic, and only sold for $3 each. These square baskets (measuring at 4.25 x 4.25-inches) are not dishwasher or microwave safe, so you’ll need to wash them by hand.

“I bought the blueberry one a few weeks ago and then bought my mom the same one, they’re the cutest,” writes one shopper on TikTok. “And now I’m planning to stop [at Dollar General] on my way home,” writes another.

Now are these berry holders actually wise for storing your fresh berries in the fridge? As it turns out, berries can spoil faster if they are exposed to moisture, which can build up if they are placed in a sealed, air-tight container. While a vinegar solution can help with keeping berries for longer, it’s also wise to store them in a container that gives the fruit some air circulation. These baskets could be that solution. However, we also think if you have fresh fruit in the fridge sitting in an adorable container such as this, then we have a feeling that fruit won’t last long; you’ll be taking it out to eat in no time.