One of Disney’s Most Iconic Treats Is Hitting Grocery Stores Soon

published Mar 9, 2023
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Disney Dole Whip
Credit: Andrew Prayogo/Flickr

It wouldn’t be a trip to a Disney Park without getting one of their most iconic treats — Dole Whip. Imagine hot summer days spent waiting in line for your next ride, dreaming of the frozen pineapple treat that seems to always hit the spot. It’s a dream come true for most Disney enthusiasts. But what if we told you that you no longer have to travel or wait in long lines for a cold scoop of your favorite snack? Well, thanks to Dole, that will soon become a reality.

Earlier this month, Dole announced that the tropical treat will soon be coming to the freezer aisles of local grocery stores. The coveted soft-serve frozen dessert — which is usually found at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort — is set to feature an initial rollout of three flavors: pineapple, mango, and strawberry. Although the company hasn’t announced an exact release date, Dole says you can expect to see Dole Whip in grocery stores this year. 

The dairy-free treat is so popular that it has park-goers thinking about it long after they return home, and has even inspired people to create their own versions. While the dessert has grown to iconic status amongst visitors, some people may not know about Dole Whip’s origin story. 

Originally created by food scientist Kathy Westphal to combat the hot temps at Disney Parks, Dole’s first version, which consisted of vanilla soft serve topped with pineapple pieces, wasn’t holding up well in the summer. As a result, Westphal created a dairy-free, dry-mix version that ended up being a big hit. And thus, Disney lovers grew their obsession with the frozen treat, making it one of the most popular items on the park’s menu.

While the release of Dole Whip to grocery stores is enough to make anyone excited, the Disney favorite is just one of 11 new product launches announced this month by the brand. According to a recent press release, the company, in an effort led by Dole’s newly formed leadership team, is hoping to increase “fruit-based nutrition” and decrease food waste. So, if you’re a fan of all that Dole has to offer, other products to keep an eye out for in the near future include Dole Good Crunch, dehydrated pineapple and banana bites, and the Secret Nature of Fruit Chews and Probiotic Sodas. 

If all this talk about Dole Whip has you going down memory lane, let us know your favorite nostalgic moment in the comments!