Does This Butter Video Offend You?

(Image credit: margouillat photo)shutterstock

Last week we posted a video on Facebook from another food publication that got a lot of people talking. The video from Mind of a Chef on PBS highlights the inner workings of France’s Jean-Yves Bordier butter factory. The butter factory makes all its butter by hand and customizes it based on what different chefs need.

The video elevates the process of making butter to an art form, but unfortunately that’s not what got our fans on Facebook talking. Watch the video for yourself and see if it offends or bothers you in any way.

The Facebook comments that we got when we posted the video the first time were a little divisive. There were the people who dreamed about buying a ticket to France to visit the butter factory.

Others, however, we’re extremely grossed out by the number of hands that were kneading the butter in the video.

I personally stand in the “I need to buy a plane ticket to visit” camp. The hard work and dedication the butter factory puts into its product outshines germs for me, but I can understand why someone might be upset. Where do you stand?