Can the Infomercial Gadget My MIL Gave Me Actually Clean the Microwave? Let’s Find Out!

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Lisa Freedman)

My mother-in-law, bless her soul, loves an infomercial product. If you’ve seen something on TV, she’s probably purchased it. I’ve seen her unpack a hula hoop that comes apart (for storage?), specialty microwave cookware, and so much more.

Then, this Christmas, I unwrapped my very own as-seen-on-TV product: She bought me an Angry Mama.

(Image credit: Lisa Freedman)

I was dubious (and also appropriately thankful and appreciative about it!). I write about cleaning the kitchen for a living: Did I really need a specialized gadget that would steam clean my microwave when I knew full well that you can do the same thing with a bowl (any microwave-safe bowl!), some water, and a lemon?

My first instinct was to put in in a donation pile (sorry, Mom!), but I decided I should at least give it a try. The next morning, I took the little lady out of her package. I followed the directions, removing her hair and face first. I then filled her belly with vinegar, water, and a splash of lemon juice. Into the microwave she went. I couldn’t help but giggle a bit; she looked ridiculous — and so angry! — standing on the turntable with her hands on her hips.

(Image credit: Lisa Freedman)

I set the clock for seven minutes, which seemed like a long time to me, and waited for her to get even angrier. The idea is that the microwave heats up the liquid and then the steam escapes through holes in her head and it looks like she’s blowing a gasket.

I never saw loads of steam coming out of her head the way the commercials made it seem. I let her stand for two minutes, per the directions, and then took her out.

To be fair, my microwave wasn’t all that dirty to start, so there wasn’t much to look for. Upon closer inspection, there was less liquid in her belly and the inside of the microwave was a little wet. I used a microfiber cloth and a bit of the leftover juice from Angry Mama and gave the microwave a wipe. The inside did seem to sparkle a little more.

The reviews online seem like a mixed bag. Some people say their stuck-on messes stayed stuck, while other people said it helped to loosen the gunk right up. My expert conclusion: If your microwave is relatively clean, this can be a nice way to give it a quick once-over.

I’ll keep it because my MIL bought it for me and I do get some joy out of it. But I would never have bought it for myself.

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Do you have one? If so, do you like it? If not, would you buy one?