Does Molasses Go Bad?

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Q: How long will opened unsulfured molasses keep before spoiling?

Sent by John

Editor: Between its rich color and thick texture, it seems like a jar of molasses could go on sitting in our kitchen cabinets without spoiling for ages. There’s no cut-and-dry answer to the question of whether molasses goes bad. If you store it in a cool, dark place, it could last for years without obvious signs of spoilage (like mold or an off scent). If the molasses was exposed to moisture or air, the chances of it spoiling sooner go up.

The flavor of molasses will degrade after a while, which is why it’s important to pay attention to the best-before date. If you have a jar you need to make a dent in, it might be time to do some baking. Luckily we’re in full-on gingerbread season!

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