Does It Get Any Cuter Than This Adorable Valentine’s Day Cocktail?

(Image credit: Honestly Yum)

No, it does not get any cuter than this adorable Valentine’s Day cocktail. Maybe it’s the fact that the cocktail is pink (thanks, homemade grenadine!), or that it has a delightful egg white foam top, or that there is a too-cute-for-words little heart on top of that foam (made out of freshly grated cinnamon), but this is the perfect cocktail to make for the one you love.

Now, this isn’t the easiest cocktail to make, and it has a couple ingredients that might be a little tricky to find, including Amaro Montenegro and pomegranate molasses. But Valentine’s Day is the excuse you need to go out and buy these crazy things and show off for someone you think is really cute.

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