Do You Think Omega-3 Eggs Taste Fishy?

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Maybe it’s just me (I’m not even lumping other Kitchn editors into this one), but I think omega-3-enhanced eggs taste fishy when cooked. There are some reasons why this could be the case, and I’m wondering if anyone’s with me…

As we all know, omega-3 fatty acids are good for your heart and promote brain health, which is why egg producers jumped on the bandwagon to get this elixir into their hens (and, therefore, the eggs).

Some farmers feed their hens flax seed (which, from my experience, also has a slightly fishy smell); others add kelp or even fish oil to the hens’ diets. So it’s not really much of a mystery why there might be a fishy taste.

I don’t notice it in baked goods, but if I eat a plain egg or scramble some into a stir-fry, it’s there. Which is why I try to buy organic eggs that do not have the added omega-3.

Am I overly sensitive? Does anyone else detect a fishy taste or smell from omega-3 eggs?

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