Do You Share Your Recipes?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever asked for a recipe only to be rebuffed? Or asked for a recipe but received something that was not quite the same as what you had originally tasted? I may be off base here, but I find the idea of not sharing a recipe a little old-fashioned. There’s something so retro about it to me, a throwback from a time when the household was the sole outlet for a woman’s personal expression and even something as simple as a recipe was a closely guarded asset.

I’m a big fan of sharing recipes and have never understood why it would be a problem not to do so. Besides, with so many recipes available on the internet, are there any secrets left anymore? I understand that the mystery of a secret family recipe can play into the appeal of a dish, but mostly I’m in favor of sharing and spreading the deliciousness.

How about you?

(Image: Cafe Muscato)