Do You Own Bowls Just For Pasta?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Fact: You can eat pasta out of anything, including the pot you cooked it in.
Fact: Pasta runs away from you on the plate and bowls make it easier to wrangle.
Fact: Although we like the idea of a pasta-specific bowl they just don’t seem practical.
What do you think?

Growing up the bowls in our house were always a little too big for pasta. That isn’t to say they couldn’t hold it, obviously any bowl can hold pasta. But due to their size they held too much pasta and I’m a self-proclaimed carb-o-holic with little self control and it never ended well.

As an adult I purchased smaller bowls, but their sides are too steep and you never really get a good pasta to sauce ratio (unless they’re tossed together first). So I’m considering bowls intended just for pasta, but that seems silly. Am I really that big of snob that I need a bowl just for noodles? Why purchase new bowls when I can premix my pasta and use the ones I have? But I want some! Isn’t that reason enough?

So I ask you dear readers, do you have pasta bowls? Are you glad you made the purchase? Do they sit on the shelf more often than not? Share your pasta bowl tales with me in the comments below!

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