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The Little Kitchen Tool That’ll Make Your Summertime Cheese Boards a Million Times Better

published Jul 17, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

Those who adore cheese and find themselves regularly putting together a charcuterie board for an appetizer (or, ahem, meal) have probably found themselves, at some point, wondering the following question: Should I buy a special cheese knife? (Don’t say it’s just me who’s thought that!)

Well, fellow cheese-heads and connoisseurs, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to answer that question. If you’re regularly slicing cheese and finding a chef’s or paring knife not quite up to the task, then yes. Commit to your love of cheeses and hosting. And invest in a cheese knife.

If you’re still reading this then I’d bet that you, like me, are passionate about cheese and often find yourself chopping cheddars or spreading chevres. And that means you know that almost every cheese sticks to nearly any knife when you cut it. Dense foods (and sticky ones) naturally adhere to the side of solid knives, causing a slicing traffic jam as you push previously cut pieces of cheese off your knife, so you can make the next cut. 

Credit: Annie Burdick

The cheese knife was designed to avoid that scenario. Not only is it super sharp — cutting through the firmest blocks of cheese like butter — but it also has large perforations along the metal so that cheese doesn’t stick to the blade. The cut cheese simply falls right off.

It’s not just for hard cheeses, either. The tip of a cheese knife is ideal for spreading soft cheeses like Brie or goat cheese. And because the knife is serrated, it’s also great for cutting tomatoes, salami, or even soft bread. Ultimately, what I’m saying is you can use one single, perfect knife to make your entire charcuterie board — even if it’s loaded with hard cheeses, soft cheeses, veggies, baguette slices, fruit, and more. It won’t falter.

Those who don’t dream of aged Goudas and elaborate cheese boards might not be the target audience for this speciality tool. It isn’t the cheapest knife, after all. But for those who share the love of one of the world’s best foods, a great cheese knife is absolutely worth the investment.

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