Do You Need a Bonus Freezer? Take This Quiz.

published Mar 31, 2017
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If your eyes light up when you head through the frozen aisle at Costco, or your feet are at risk every time you open your freezer (a pint of Ben & Jerry’s can really do a number on your toes!), you’ve probably thought about getting another freezer. We know: It seems like such an indulgence! Would you even use it, have a place for it, or be able to justify the expense? Take this quiz and find out.

1. How many people do you feed on a nightly basis?

A. One to two
B. Three to four
C. Five or more

2. Where do you do the bulk of your grocery shopping?

A. Whole Foods
B. The grocery store in town
C. BJs Wholesale Club or Costco

3. Where would you spend your ideal weekend?

A. Relaxing by a lake with a book.
B. In the kitchen, making recipes I’ve never tried before.
C. In my garden with my vegetables and fruits.

4. How organized is your fridge?

A. Extremely — everything has its place, is labeled, and the fridge is typically stocked.
B. It depends on the week and how much food we have in there.
C. It’s always stuffed to the gills.

5. What’s in your freezer right now?

A. A few pints of ice cream.
B. Tons of meals that I made ahead of time.
C. All the things!

6. How much space do you have at your house?

A. I’d invite you over to show you, but there’s not room for the both of us.
B. A fair amount; we have a basement.
C. Plenty! A full basement and garage, and a shed out back.

7. Do you like to entertain?

A. Eh. I like to be entertained. Does that count?
B. Sometimes — if it’s a big holiday or special occasion.
C. It’s my favorite thing. I have dinner parties every weekend!

8. When do you like to do your cooking?

A. Every day. That way it’s fresh, and I can cook according to my family’s cravings.
B. Once or twice a week. I like to prep and cook on Sundays and then eat for the rest of the week.
C. As much as possible!

9. Do you eat leftovers?

A. I’d really rather not, but I will to make sure I’m not wasting anything.
B. Of course!
C. Yup — the more, the better!

10. If you came into $500, how would you spend it?

A. I’d treat myself to a little shopping spree.
B. I would take my family out for a really nice dinner (or two!) and get everything from appetizers to dessert!
C. I would finally get around to some of those home projects I’ve been putting off!

So, should you get a chest freezer?

Mostly As

For your current situation, a chest freezer isn’t necessary. You can consider it down the road when you have more space, but as of right now, you can manage just fine with the freezer in your refrigerator.

Mostly Bs

“Need” is probably too strong of a word for a chest freezer, but it certainly wouldn’t go to waste in your house. You’d have more space to store the recipes you’ve been testing, and would be able to take better advantage of any and all really great sales at the supermarket.

Mostly Cs

You could definitely benefit from having the extra room! From knowing that you’ll always have a place for your Costco haul to giving you a spot to store your veggies after the harvest, it sounds like you have enough room in your home for the appliance. You’ll get so much use out of it, it’ll pay for itself over the years!

Which letter did you get? Let us know in the comments!