Do You Make Espresso at Home?

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

We are pretty fanatical about our coffee. We brew it at home, at just the right temperature, with a carefully selected blend of beans from a favorite local roaster. Yes, we are pretty geeky. But that is nothing compared to the total fanaticism of true espresso geeks. Are you one of them, and if you are, do you make your espresso at home?

The fine craft of pulling the perfect shot of espresso is a high art and a calling, according to those who tend to geek out over espresso. According to them it’s definitely not to be found in “pod” espresso machines or more automatic models.

But even if you’re not a total geek over perfect espresso and use a less expensive or more user-friendly method of pulling a shot, you may still prefer homemade espresso to shots from the corner coffee shop, and also over just home brewed coffee.

If you make espresso at home, how do you make it? Do you have any good tips for making a high-quality shot of espresso at home?

(Image: Faith Durand)