Do You Enjoy Baking Complicated Breakfast Pastries?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The French home cook is famous for making a delicious, elaborate dinner … but always buying her dessert from the local patisserie. And very few people in France make their own bread or croissants because that’s what the boulangerie is for. But Americans are different. We seem to like playing with elaborate laminated doughs and complicated, lengthy recipes. What about you?

Perhaps this is because until recently, it was pretty hard to find a decent croissant in many US cities and so, with our can-do Yankee spirits in full display, we decided to just make them ourselves. We also tend to have larger kitchens than most Europeans, which helps when you’re rolling long sheets of dough, and of course, we have larger refrigerators to rest the doughs in between rolling. And larger ovens, too. Heck, Americans are just larger all around!

Where I live, I am lucky to have several really decent bakeries that have perfected the croissant. So rather than spend hours in the kitchen making them at home, I purchase a few every now and then and spread them with my homemade jam or marmalade as a nod to my usual preference for homemade.

How about you? What complicated pastries to you enjoy making at home?