Where’s My Milk From? New Site Tracks Dairy Back To Its Farm Source

published Aug 6, 2012
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Trying to eat and buy local is all well and good until I can purchase a giant tub of cottage cheese from my local Costco for $5. Writing for a food blog leaves me with a little guilt about that, but this new website helped me discover that my tasty breakfast snack comes from a dairy farm right here in Illinois! Want to see where your dairy comes from?

The idea behind the aptly named website Where’s My Milk From is simple: enter the code on the side of your dairy container and see what farm or dairy the product comes from. You’re looking for a two digit number followed by a colon and then a few more numbers.

In the case of the cottage cheese pictured above, it was a nice to see it originated somewhere close to my Chicago home. Hello Illinois! The results show you the farm and location of it on a nice Google Map for you to investigate or even go take a tour of if you’re feeling so inclined!

Note: I did try other dairy products in my refrigerator, like the cup of yogurt above, and the code didn’t seem to be present in the website’s database. Bummer.

Check Your Dairy Here: Where’s My Milk From


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(Images: Sarah Rae Trover)