Do You Know What This Is?

Do You Know What This Is?

A miniature avocado? A tiny, unripe mango? Nope. Like the fresh garbanzo beans we showed you last week, this is a common food seen in an uncommon state. Take a guess and click below to find out the answer...

We saw these fresh almonds at Fairway over the weekend and, not knowing what to do with them, bought three for 27 cents — just to take a peek.

The inside seed is what eventually grows into the almond we know and love. If this fruit were left on the tree, the fuzzy, fleshy pod would dry up and split open as the seed matured. So why harvest them early?

We have no idea, to be completely honest. We've read you can eat the flimsy inner seed and scoop out the flesh to eat as is or in salads, but we found it woody and bitter. Are we just missing out on a delicacy?

We'll throw it out to you... Any culinary wizards using fresh almonds for anything? Have you seen these in your markets?

This Lifecycle of an Almond video from the Almond Board of California is pretty interesting to watch, if you want to know more about how almonds grow.

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(All images: Elizabeth Passarella)

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