Do You Know How Many Eggs a Chicken Can Lay in a Year?

published Apr 20, 2016
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(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

People are so nosey when it comes to chickens. They’re always up in their business asking personal questions like, “Which came first — you or the egg?” and “Why are you crossing the street?” Personally, I think it’s time we left the poor chickens alone and let data answer a question for once: Just how many eggs can a chicken lay in a year?

I always thought it was one egg per day, but that’s generous according to a report from the Department of Agriculture. Based on their findings, hens in the U.S. lay an average of 276 eggs per year – that’s about five per week. I guess chickens appreciate lazy weekends as much as we do.

Interestingly, the Canadian branch of the Humane Society International reports that their chickens lay an average of seven eggs over an eight-day period. Overachievers, eh?

Do you raise chickens? Do these findings seem to be on par with the egg-laying rate of the birds you know and love?

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