Do You Have Suggestions for Organizing Tupperware?

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Q: I would love some suggestions on how users organize Tupperware (or their non-brand name equivalent). I cook in batches so when they are full and in the freezer it’s fine. But once they are washed I have no good way to keep them stored in a small and organized space. They end up just thrown in a drawer or on a shelf, and not easily used when I need them. Any suggestions?

Sent by Allison

Editor: Allison, this is an ongoing struggle for us too. We are moving towards a system where we really limit the amount of storage containers we own, and also making sure that they are all from a compatible system that stacks compactly. We store lids in a separate, clear acrylic box we bought from IKEA, and then the containers themselves all stack. It works pretty well, but we are still looking for a better assortment of containers that fits our needs.

Here, too, are some good past posts, including one from a professional organizer who addresses the clutter that arises from having too much Tupperware:

Readers, what are your suggestions? Have you found any particularly ingenious solutions or tips for storing and maintaining Tupperware collections?

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