What's Your Favorite Regional Condiment?

What's Your Favorite Regional Condiment?

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 14, 2012

Folks, I have a problem. It's called Withdrawal from Kansas City. Six month ago I moved away from my central Midwestern home, and I didn't plan on missing the condiment aisle at my local grocery store. I now call Chicago home, and while I'm hard pressed to find a "good" bottle of barbeque sauce, I'm learning to like new things instead (albeit begrudgingly).

My husband hails from a West Coast upbringing and still misses his beloved fry sauce from his days spent in Utah, while I spend my days mail ordering barbecue sauce. That's normal, right? That's what normal people do?

It's funny how we get so attached and accustomed to local flavors and tastes. Here in Chicago there are a few favorites such as relish dyed a ferocious neon green, or a pickled carrot and pepper mixture available for any sandwich so you desire. Although it doesn't take the place of my beloved Kansas City barebecue sauce, I've even been trying out something called Slawsa. Think of it as a mustardy-kraut with a sweet side.

I never dreamed I'd miss the options for barbecue sauce the way I do, but it looks like my family all knows what to get me for Christmas. What are the local flavors where you live? Share your favorites below!

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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