Do You Have a Deep Freezer?

Do You Have a Deep Freezer?

Chris Perez
Aug 20, 2013

My wife and I debated getting a deep freezer for a solid two years. She wanted one because our freezer was always full, ice blocks of meat spilling out when you opened the door. She also wanted one because she figured buying in bulk and freezing a select few items would be convenient and save money. I didn't want one because of mere simplicity. Guess who won?

No matter how old I get, I still sometimes forget that the woman of the house is always right — though I'm often told the sooner I figure this out, the longer of a life I'll live.

We got the deep freeze just over a year ago, and it has added a little extra convienience. Our freezer compartment in the refrigerator is no longer overflowing, and finding the good things (like tubs of double-churned ice cream) is easier.

What it hasn't done is save us any money. We've found that buying fruits or veggies, chopping them, then freezing them in individual baggies for future convenience is, well, tough to put to actual practice. It either doesn't happen or happens and gets forgotten — which is basically the same thing.

Do you have a deep freezer? How do you make the most of it?

(Image: 1. Flickr member chippenziedeutch via Creative Commons; 2. Emma Christensen; 3. Anjali Prasertong)

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