Do You Eat an Apple Side-to-Side or Top-to-Bottom?

published Dec 19, 2013
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(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

This just in: did you know there is an orientation to eat an apple that virtually eliminates the core? I’ve always eaten apples by holding them in their top and bottom indentations with my thumb and forefinger, biting around the circumference, leaving a core that’s then composted. But there’s a more efficient way to eat the fruit (100% of it minus the seeds):

By eating the apple from the top down (or bottom up), the core is barely discernable. There is a moment when you hit the seeds and simply spit them out or eat them right up, but otherwise, this allows you to eat 100% of the apple. It’s still an unnatural approach for me, having spent a lifetime eating them in the other orientation, but the best thing I’ve found since hearing this advice is how awesome it makes slicing apples for cooking or snacking:

You can actually slice the apple in horizontal slices from top to bottom and only have to core one slice where the seeds appear. Otherwise, the entire apple is useable.

Has anyone else tried this re-orientation of the apple (or is the “new” way actually your old standard)? Tell us how you tackle apples in the comments below!