Do You Cook For Family When You Visit?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few days ago I made mention about some woes that came up while cooking for relatives on a recent visit. Many of my family members take delight in my husband and I coming to visit as we’re always prone to helping out with cooking responsibilities during our stay and have even been known to bring ingredients for specialty dishes in on our visit. Why would we do this? I’ll tell you!

For starters, many of our family members have limited access to certain ingredients or lack restaurants that serve certain styles of food. Therefor, some dishes and styles of cuisine are straight up off limits or out of reach for them.

We often bring goody boxes of ingredients with us and prepare meals for the whole family while we stay. It’s a simple way to give back to those who have prepped their homes for your stay and can give a restless mind something to do!

Although it’s nice to eat what they’ve lovingly prepared, food is a great way to show love and give back during a stay. Plus, it means they can pick up their feet a little and enjoy some conversation without worrying about something boiling over, while you get things taken care of.

Does your family request that you cook when you visit? Share your favorite family meal below!

(Image: Flickr member Al Abut licensed for use by Creative Commons)