Do You Buy Healthy Halloween Treats?

(Image credit: PBS Food )

This will be the second year my boyfriend and I have shared Halloween together. Last year, he raced out to the co-op to buy sugar-free, gluten-free, everything-free lollipops for the kids and I mourned Kit-Kats something fierce. He insists that since we don’t buy high-sugar candy the rest of the year, why would we get it to hand out to kids? He believes it’s our chance to keep making a statement about the kind of food we care about. Me? I believe in Kit-Kats.

So this year we’ve agreed we’ll each buy the candy we want, put it in two separate bowls and let the kids decide for themselves! We have a minor bet on whether or not kids will choose the healthier candy or the more familiar high-sugar brands. I don’t mean to be presumptious, but I think the winner is already clear. Everyone loves a candy bar.

But this does raise a good question: do you try to buy healthy Halloween treats or do you go all out, giving into the fact that it’s the one holiday where candy is lauded for the simple pleasure that it is? Because we often have leftover candy after the trick-or-treaters have come and gone, I do see the point in not wanting to have heaps and heaps of candy around the house that we wouldn’t normally eat. But I also remember being a little kid and looking down upon those houses that gave out packages of raisins. Raisins are for everyday. A Kit-Kat? That’s special.

(Image: PBS Food)