Do You Always Need Something Green on Your Plate?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This restaurant shot, which we’re guessing is at a classic Southern joint, proves our point. Wouldn’t that plate look funny if, instead of collard greens, there was a scoop of corn? Or butternut squash? We think every dinner plate looks better with a pop of green somewhere.

Of course, we don’t always succeed. We eat plenty of dinners comprised of brown, white, and orange food—especially this time of year, when we can’t get enough Fall squash.

But we think of our food like a photograph or an outfit. Sometimes it just looks so much better when there’s a pop of color, and with food, that pop is usually from a handful of peas or a bright, green salad on the side.

It’s not just aesthetics, either. We feel better when we have a green vegetable on the plate. It just tastes more cleansing and fortifying than just eating carrots, squash, potatoes, or other non-green vegetables.

Right now, we’re stuck on kale. We love it in stews (like this turkey chili) and lately we’ve been making a bit pot of simple, boiled kale that we add into pastas like this one. It’s almost like a garnish, brightening everything up.

If we have sandwiches for dinner, we’ll make kale chips on the side.

Is it just us? Do you need something green at every dinner? What’s your go-to green dish?

(Image: Flickr member bhamsandwich, licensed for use under Creative Commons)