On Making Soft Cheeses at Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You know those friends who seem to do it all? You go over to their house for dinner and there are fresh flowers, a clean kitchen, wine chilling — and they’re making homemade cheese!? I was wowed by some homemade mozzarella at a friend’s dinner party recently and, after some research, realized it’s actually not all that hard to pull off.

As it turns out, making most soft cheeses is do-able from any home kitchen. All you need is high-quality milk (full-fat is generally the way to go here), a little time, patience and faith. So break out your thermometers, get to know your curds and whey, and impress your friends with the creamiest cheese you’ve ever tasted.

(Photo: Allison Arevalo from Local Lemons)