DIY Scrabble Serving Tray

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Am I revealing myself as a board game junkie here? I mean, first there was this. Then this. Now, add a DIY serving tray made of Scrabble tiles to the long list of board games going hand-in-hand with entertaining at home:

This tray made by Junk Mail Gems started off as nothing special: a $5 find and pretty standard appearance. But an old Scrabble game and some very cool attention to detail changed that:

Scrabble tiles were spread over the tray and encapsulated in a layer of resin. The real clincher is this finishing touch: the tray’s original handles were swapped out for sections of wood Scrabble tile trays. Love it!

See the full project description and more photos at Junk Mail Gems.

(Images: Junk Mail Gems)